Curiously, I never published on metalforge, and I've only mentioned it once in-game.

On 2/09/2016 4:21 p.m., Mark Wedel wrote:
On 08/31/16 11:18 PM, Rick Tanner wrote:

Does anyone know how to make the m7 output/dump of the server in this
fancy of HTML format?

I could not figure it out with information I found.

 I don't see any scripts, etc, with the crossfire server directory
itself to generate those.

 The -m7 dump will generate most of that data (eg, exp, difficult,
skill, etc).  However, it only generates data for which recipes exist to
make it.  The main table listed also contains ingredients which you find
(do not make), and which are not dumped by -m7.

 So there must be some scripts that someone wrote to generate that, but
they don't appear to be part of SVN

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