On 06/22/2017 22:30, Robert Brockway wrote:
> About 18 months ago I sparked a discussion about an expanded Crossfire
> world I was developing.  Well I went away and did that but wasn't
> willing to host it on a VPS (Linode, Digital Ocean) as the size of the
> world made this quite expensive.  So I decided to wait until until my
> home was connected to the Australian National Broadband Network (NBN). 
> Well that's happening on June 29.  So, sometime in the next few weeks
> I'll launch the expanded world running on my NBN link.  I'll update my
> expanded world with the new release before going live with it.
> The expanded world is 1000x1000 maps with the 'old world' (original
> world maps) positioned dead centre at 485-514 on each axis.
> As much as possible I've been automating the world building.  I hope it
> offers different game play to keep people interested.

I think this could offer something to players who want to try something
new. Is the new world compatible with the standard server and client?

I remember some complaints from the Galactic Mileau folks that it was
hard to get recent versions of the client/server running a custom world.
Are there changes that would make this easier for you?

Kevin Zheng
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