On 06/23/2017 15:29, David Hurst wrote:
> Hi, I'm currently using a 1.71 build of the gtk client on Windows 10. It
> works well with only two issues. 
> 1. The Meta server doesn't work

Because I didn't compile with Curl.

> 2. The default numpad key bindings don't work and have to be bound manually.

Not sure why this is happening; I might not be able to investigate that.

> I'm happy to help bug test a gtk client (and the Java client) for this
> release. Given that all of the current clients (1.60?) for Windows are
> broken, I think this would be a really important step.

Thanks for offering. I'll do my best to get a Windows build out.

Kevin Zheng
kevinz5...@gmail.com | kev...@berkeley.edu | PGP: 0xC22E1090
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