On 6/23/17 10:19 AM, Preston Crow wrote:
> Some time ago, I was thinking about creating a set of underworld maps,
> tiled together much like the surface world maps.  The difference is that
> they wouldn't necessarily be completely two-dimensional.  You might have
> a set of maps tiled such that you could move in a spiral, entering maps
> that go underneath the map you were on four maps ago.  I would want the
> main entrance to be a tile on the main world map where high mountains
> prevent access except through a canyon.

The Church of Valriel map in Scorn tries to mimic this with the
balcony/overlook on the second level.


Using the above map as an example, it sounds like you would want the
players on the second level to see any & all map changes (i.e., removing
chairs on level 1 show the chairs gone with on level 2 balcony) when
they go to that level?

Or, did you have something different in mind?

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