I've started playing again on Metalforge after a break of a dozen years or so. I've noticed a few minor bugs. Some of them might just be me, but I'll toss them out here in case someone wants to fix them:

It appears that the spell "magehound" is not possible to obtain. It is not in any of the treasure lists, so it doesn't ever appear in stores.

Resizing the map in the client will occasionally cause things on the other side of walls to show up.

The "unidentified" tab in the client doesn't seem to work. It's always blank, even when I have unidentified items.

Sometimes I have to shift-click twice to lock or unlock an item. (I'm using pointer focus, so I shouldn't lose the first click to get focus.)

When I walk away from an open container on the floor, occasionally the code still behaves as if I'm on top of the open container, even if I move to another map. I've been able to drink a potion from a container in my apartment when in another map. I think this has something to do with opening and closing containers in my inventory and in the square, but I'm not sure how I've triggered this glitch.

I've never seen a quiver of bolts, only a quiver of holding bolts. I think this is an oversight.

The -split option on the client doesn't seem to work anymore. No separate windows for me. (I'm not sure it's really useful, though.) I also note that the subwindows don't start up in the same place each time, which would be convenient. I keep having to resize things or the experience window is squished to nothing.

I haven't encountered a scroll of sense curse yet--probably just my luck. It's also the only skill scroll not in the permanent store in Scorn on Metalforge, which makes me suspicious that something's up. Grepping in the source indicates that it is referenced in various places, so it's probably just bad luck.

The web documentation indicates that I can get jumping experience by jumping into monsters, but I can't seem to even kill a kobold, so I'm not sure that's correct. Not like I'm going to spend my life jumping at monsters, though.

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