On 07/30/2017 14:08, Preston Crow wrote:
> I like your thinking on this.  You have a place for monsters, but didn't
> put any on the list.  I've been playing on Metalforge recently, and I've
> found pixies to be worthless monsters.  They seem to usually have wands
> but never use them.  I seem to recall they used their wands at one point
> in the past, making them randomly dangerous.

Glad these ideas are being discussed.

I do want to point out that I'd like to hold off major changes until
this release gets out the door. We're still shaking out some last issues
and I really don't want to delay this any more than it already is.

I'm shooting for getting this out the door on or before the weekend of
August 12th. Releasing isn't that hard but it takes a couple of hours to
sit down and get everything done. We should really work on automating
this going forward.

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