Hi folks,

I'm planning on tagging and releasing version 1.73.0 of the GTK Client in a couple of days. There aren't many changes, but enough to give package maintainers a new version:


- Pass player and server name to client scripts


- Add text for blessed items in inventory views
- Client window stays hidden until after player selection
- Install sound files when SOUND is enabled
- Show open containers in unlocked inventory view


- Enable sound with older (< 0.25.3) versions of Vala
- Fix delayed weight limit update when strength attribute changes

If you use the GTK Client, please give current trunk (which will become the 1.73.0 tag) a whirl to catch issues before the release.


Kevin Zheng
kevinz5...@gmail.com | kev...@berkeley.edu | PGP: 0xC22E1090
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