On 02/18/2019 03:56 PM, bill billy wrote:
 > Anyone else have any thoughts on the archive/history length?

I personally think it should be unlimited. IMO to base a limit on time would prevent long term threads and to base it on the number of posts (i.e delete after 100 or even 1000) could cause important conversations to be forgotten. Neither the mailing list, irc or the forums have such limitations so I'm just not sure why there should be one for Discord.

Unlimited seems fine to me also. Partly because trying to limit it to 2 months may be difficult - whoever is logging it may purge those after 2 months, but if some other service is searching the web, finds them, it could cache them forever, and really be beyond the control of the initial logging service.

It also seems to me that someone could take a chat log and post it someplace else outside of any logging service. Is that against the terms, and what could one really do about it. It does seem to me that occasionally this happens - someone cuts/pastes from IRC and sends it in an e-mail or bug report to provide context, and those last forever. Though I may be confusing that with other projects - not 100% sure that has happened with #crossfire.

Certainly worth noting somewhere the the chat is being logged, so it is not a surprise to anyone.
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