The Odroid C2 Arm64 SBC is getting some attention these days. Its video capability seems to be a driver for some decent shelf life at our local distributors.

If one whishes integrated WIFI plus SATA in the Arm64 world, ASUS has the Tinker Board S, see

I am working towards Crux-arm64 on the OdroidC2, having a cross-compiled Linux kernel (3.16) booting either Ubuntu or ArchLinux.

Crux is the only distribution I self-support for X86 devices.

I "git cloned" much of crux-arm.nu/gitweb. I have a previous experience of re-packaging Crux X86-64 (basically to make a "features-lean" system such that security-wise, the attack surface is reduced). In this new Arm64 project, I might be able to contribute back to the crux-arm.nu contents.

Any useful tip, suggestion, or comment?


- Thierry Moreau
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