*Help TLC provide more public data! *


The TLC is organizing a month-long online hackathon for the cryptographic 
and civic hacker communities. The TLC used to release 2GB-worth of taxi 
trip data every year that included anonymized vehicle and driver license 
numbers, but in 2014 they were de-anonymized and published.  In response, 
we stopped releasing these identifiers altogether, which limits the data's 
usefulness.  TLC is considering releasing this information, subject to a 
new anonymization method, which gives us the opportunity to invite civic 
data experts to help us test and ensure its strength.  In addition, we are 
interested in seeking and identifying potential privacy risks associated 
with releasing large volumes of geolocation data.   For more information on 
the hackathon, including prizes and how to sign up, please visit 

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