now has updated
files for the third round (except Tiaoxin, which still needs a PDF
update for compliance with the new "use case" documentation
requirement). Submitters should check that their updates are
appropriately labeled on the web page.

Reference software implementations for all tweaked submissions are due
2016.10.15 23:59 GMT. Submitters are now allowed to choose either of the
following addresses:

   * recommended: ebats at (you must answer an auto-reply);
   * allowed: caesar-submissions at

The first address is the public mailing list for several benchmarking
projects, including eBAEAD. I'll let Kris comment separately on what he
would like to see for hardware implementations.

My understanding is that there are no algorithmic changes in AEGIS,
AES-OTR, AEZ, CLOC+SILC, JAMBU, Keyak, OCB, and Tiaoxin, so those do not
need new software implementations (except, of course, to demonstrate any
further optimizations). There _is_ an algorithmic change from Ascon v1.1
to Ascon v1.2 despite the v1 numbering, and similarly there is an
algorithmic change from Deoxys v1.3 to Deoxys v1.4.


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