I have eventually managed to release a new version of cryptodev-linux.
As almost a year has passed since the last release, the list of changes
is a rather long one:

* Added support for composite AEAD keys by Cristian Stoica.

* Added support for sysctl to modify verbosity by Nikolaos Tsakalakis.

* Several bugfixes by Cristian Stoica.

* When a driver requires aligned data but unaligned are provided, then
  zero copy is disabled to prevent driver failing to encrypt.

* Compatibility to kernel version 3.13 and above by Cosmin Paraschiv.

* Various checkpatch.pl fixes.

* Introduced ddebug, dinfo, dwarning and derr macros wrapping dprintk.

* Improved support for cross-compiling.

* Hmac_comp test has become more picky when checking results.

* Fixed allocated resource cleanup in error case, patch by Cristian Stoica.

* Buffer size allocation fixup for AEAD modes by Nikos Mavrogiannopoulos.

* Support for composite AEAD keys added by Cristian Stoica.

* Fixed tag and dsl_len calculation for AEAD ciphers, patch by Cristian Stoica.

* Documentation updates by Nikos Mavrogiannopoulos.

As this is my first release as project maintainer, please bear with me
possibly messing things up. For me, the release process unfolded as
follows (not in order of actual appearance, but that detail shall remain

- Fixed 'make dist', replacing most of the manual work in it with a
  simple call to 'git archive' while doing so.
- Incremented Makefile's VERSION variable.
- Tagged master with my own signature.
- Used 'make dist' to create a new tarball and signature, which I
  uploaded to gna.org.
- pushed master along with the new tag to Github. (Actually, I pushed
  all earlier tags by accident as well ...)

Nikos, please let me know if I forgot something. Website news entry
comes as soon as this mail is out and accessible from the archive.

Cheers, Phil

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