> On Thu, Feb 19, 2015 at 02:42:30PM +0100, Corentin LABBE wrote:
>> I have some issue with cryptodev 1.7 under a gentoo with a 3.19 kernel.
>> I use the cryptodev engine for openssl (1.0.1k)(compiled with the 2 patch 
>> found on rt.openssl.org)
>> When the module is loaded, I cannot login with ssh on the machine.
>> For the moment I cannot see any other problem, my bench/test tool works 
>> perfectly with AES/DES for example.

I've seen this problem and I think it originates in the offloading of
digests through cryptodev. For this reason and also for performance, I
keep digest offloading disabled. Openssl issues a ton of calls to
digests for reasons not related to digests themselves (RNG ?).

What I would do is disable digest offloading in eng_cryptodev.c on your
Gentoo copy of Openssl and see if it satisfies your setup (make sure
Openssl is not built with USE_CRYPTODEV_DIGESTS).

Cristian S.

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