On Wed, Mar 04, 2015 at 05:50:35PM +0200, Tilemachos Charalampous wrote:
> Hello. I'm an undergraduate student studying electrical and computer 
> engineering at the NTUA.
> As part of an Operating Systems course, I worked a bit on the cryptodev 
> module, and needed it to use it in a Pyhton project. After searching a 
> bit on the Internet I couldn't find any cryptodev bindings, so I decided 
> to develop them myself. I was encouraged by my instructor (Vangelis 
> Koukis, Cc:ed) to develop the bindings to something more general, that 
> supports the whole cryprtodev module.

Forgot the Cc or was it blind?

> I have created two types of bindings. Static bindings and semi automated 
> bindings. Static bindings are created based on cryptodev.h and ioctl.h 
> (from my Linux system). Semi automated bindings are created using 
> ctypesgen for python. I have created a simple makefile in which 
> ctypesgen is used to create ioctl.py and cryptodev.py automatically into 
> a Python module. The reason that I could not build fully automated 
> bindings is because of a bug in ctypesgen, in which it cannot parse 
> "sizeof" if the argument is defined in a different header file. You can 
> see a more detailed explanation in README.md of the ctypesgen branch on 
> my repository under "Why not fully automated way?" (links provided at 
> the end). Also I have implemented some of your tests into Python that 
> use the bindings.
> If you are interested, I would like to get this code included in 
> mainline cryptodev. All my changes currently live at 
> https://github.com/tchar/cryptodev-python/.
> Also the link for README.md, which explains the ctypesgen bug I 
> mentioned is 
> https://github.com/tchar/cryptodev-python/blob/ctypesgen/README.md
> The link for the ctypesgen module is https://code.google.com/p/ctypesgen/

Looks nice. How about submitting a patch? Do we have to keep the python
bindings themselfs or is it possible to have them generated upon 'make
dist'? I would prefer not having to keep them in sync manually. Maybe
this is related to your mention of 'semi automated bindings', but I
don't get it due to lack of experience in python/C interfaces.

Cheers, Phil

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