Hello Jan,

On Mon, Apr 27, 2015 at 12:44:50PM +0200, JM wrote:
> I installed cryptodev 1.7 on my Debian box running on Marvell Feroceon
> processor (featuring mv_cesa hardware accelerator). I'm running debian
> wheezy with openssl_1.0.1e (with enabled cryptodev and the two recommended
> patches) and kernel 3.16 from backports.
> My problem is that SHA1 acceleration doesn't seem to work, while it should
> be supported by the engine.

Specifically the combination of cryptodev and CESA (although with
heavily modified driver) is what we use at work and does a decent job.

> If I run ./sha_speed in tests I always get the sha1-asm fallback driver,
> instead of mv-sha1.

This per se does not sound like a cryptodev problem. A few things I
would like you to check:

- Run the *_comp tools to see if cryptodev returns correct output
- same as above with mv_cesa.ko unloaded (i.e., forcing software
  implementations in kernel).
- Are the kernel crypto self-tests enabled? Maybe the one for mv-sha1
- Enable kernel crypto self-tests if not already happening and check if
  they succeed.
- What's the priority of each sha1 provider in /proc/crypto? Although it
  shouldn't, maybe mv-sha1 is considered slower than sha1-asm?
- Since at the moment an alternative driver is out for review, are you
  using the mainline mv_cesa.c or something else?

Cheers, Phil

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