I'm using cryptodev (in beaglebone black) with openssl.

I implemented a tls1.2 server and a client.

I compiled openssl with cryptodev option.

Wen I do "openssl speed -evp aes-256-cbc", it works fine.

(I referenced "http://datko.net/2013/10/03/howto_crypto_beaglebone_black/";)

But when I do SSL_read & SSL_write after TLS handshaking, the speed of AES
encrypt and decrypt does not improved.
(rather decreased)

I did SSL_read/write 8100 bytes * 100,000 times (Because in openssl speed,
8192 bytes was improved)

I checked that it is using cryptodev.

I changed the bytes size, but it also doesn't work.

Please help me.

Sorry my bad english.

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