I just released current master as new version 1.9. It is comprised of
the following commits in addition to the previous release:

* fix benchmarks linking
* fix Makefile to allow parallel make with -j option
* use Linux kernel conventions for Makefile variables
* for consistency, use $(...) instead of ${...} in makefiles
* fix clean-up on error path for crypto_create_session
* remove code duplication in cryptodev_hash_init
* add separate target for building tests
* fix destination for staged installs
* add install target for tests
* fix comment typo
* avoid calls to kmalloc on hotpaths
* avoid redundant checks in cryptodev_hash_deinit
* Fix test compile time warnings
* Support skcipher in addition to ablkcipher API
* Adjust to recent user page API changes
* Adjust to another change in the user page API
* fix issues with install target
* setting KERNEL_DIR is not necessary to build tests
* fix ignored SIGALRM signals on some platforms
* fix incorrect return code in case of error from openssl_cioccrypt
* remove not used local variables
* fix warnings of "implicit declaration of function" in async_speed
* rename header file to clarify purpose
* use buf_align macro to reduce code duplication
* avoid implicit conversion between signed and unsigned char
* do more strict code checking to avoid maintenance issues
* adjust to API changes in kernel >=4.10
* zc: Use the power of #elif
* Fix ablkcipher algorithms usage in v4.8+ kernels

Many thanks to all who contributed in order to keep this project alive
and up to date with recent Linux versions. This would not be possible
without your help!

Sadly, GNA has announced[1] it will go out of service quite soon. Since
we moved the Git repository to Github already, this affects us in only
two aspects, namely the mailing list and the public download area
(which, unlike Github, provides GPG signatures for the release

In order to overcome this, I have created a tarball mirror at my own
server, available here[2]. Since I happen to maintain my own instance of
Mailman as well, I am considering to replicate this mailing list there,
including all subscribers. I hope this won't cause any inconveniences.
If you see a problem with it, feel free to contact me so we can sort
things out (off-list is fine, of course).

Cheers, Phil

[1] https://mail.gna.org/public/project/2016-11/msg00001.html
[2] http://nwl.cc/pub/cryptodev-linux/

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