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Subject: [Mojonation-devel] announcing Mojo Nation 0.936
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Date: Fri, 12 Jan 2001 19:44:18 -0800

 The Evil Geniuses For A Better Tomorrow are pleased to announce
 version 0.936 of Mojo Nation.

 This version contains several important bugfixes and improvements to the
 user interface.

 Mojo Nation is the peer to peer file system with "swarm" delivery[1],
 distributed load balancing[2], optional integrated micropayments[3], a
 global hash-based name space[4], 4-out-of-8 block reconstruction[5], and
 many other features[6].

 In addition, Mojo Nation actually works.[7]

 To download the latest version of Mojo Nation for Windows, Linux or


 (Or search the "software" category on Mojo Nation.)


   + a bug introduced in 0.934 that would cause needless 100% cpu usage
     in the comms code has been fixed.
   + a bug in which Windows runs out of file descriptors has been fixed.
   + a bug that could cause publishing to hang has been fixed.
   + brokers directly connected to the internet will recheck their
     IP address once every few minutes for people using DHCP with flakey

  user interface:
   + it now displays a notice when downloading the users initial mojo so
     that they don't think they need more.
   + many consistency improvments and a new background color.



[1]  "Swarm" delivery splits files into many pieces and uses a dynamic
file retrieval algorithm so that many servers, each with a low-bandwidth
connection, can deliver a file to a client at high-bandwidth speed.

[2]  Distributed load balancing is provided by an algorithm which
dynamically selects the servers that are performing best for *you*.

[3]  Integrated "Mojo" micropayments provide a way to ensure that the people
connecting to your server are peers, not leeches.  If you prefer to be
more generous (or if you want to establish a reputation as a new but
powerful server), you can set your prices to "0" which gives access to
your disk space and bandwidth for free.

[4]  The global hash-based namespace, implemented with the SHA1
cryptographic hash, provides a way for any participant to uniquely
identify a file and to verify that file's identify.  For example, if you
have Mojo Nation installed and you go to the URL
"id/RDHYEsPIfSX8X9Vf-lQzDRFdYcA" then you will see a JPEG of two Evil
Geniuses suiting up to enter the Research Chamber.  The hash-based
namespace makes it is impossible for any peer on the network to
substitute a different file in place of that JPEG.

[5]  4-out-of-8 block reconstruction, using Rabin's Information Dispersal
Algorithm, means that for each block there are 8 "shares", each 1/4th as
big as the block, and combining any 4 of them yields the original block.
This increases availability of files when some of your peers are

[6]  Too many to list.

[7]  Try it.

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