> > I'm trying to find a copy of The Codebreakers, by David Kahn.  Does
> > anyone know where I can find a copy that costs less than the $52
> > Amazon sells it for, or is that pretty much average for the book?
> A search on <http://www.bibliofind.com> finds ~ 50 copies in varying
> degrees of quality and age between $6 and $75 USD. 

Make sure to get the 2nd edition which was published in the ninties,
some thirty years after the first edition. The 2nd has not been
published as paperback as far as I know.

[The 2nd Edition doesn't have that much additional material. The
paperback, however, is an abridged version of the 1st edition and is
inferior to the 1st edition hardcover. --Perry]



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