I have received, in chronological order and without censorship (moderation),
the following replies to this email:
"Name Wanted: Torturing passwords out of people with threats of (?repeated)
beatings is usually called rubberhose cryptanalysis.
What should torturing passphrases out of people with threats of (?repeated)
imprisonment be called? Rubberlaw? Legalhose? ":

Psycho torture
Threat torture
Scare mugging
Psyche raping
Psyche terrorism
Psyche terrorizing
Police terrorism
Terror tactics
Threat tactics
contempt cryptanalysis
Jailhouse cryptanalysis
due process 
extremely wrong 
government policy 
soapbending cryptoanalysis
a "known key" attack
Solitary Cryptanalysis (rather than sharing a cell with "BIG Marv[he's deaf
but very BIG]" or "Fingers McMadbastard")  *
Pants, and have Pantyhose cryptanalysis
the Royal Screw
Her Majesty's Thumbscrews
HM's nipple electrodes
Mr. Blair's Wild Ride
I'd call them both "coercion cryptanalysis".
Beyond 1984 
Captive Captivity
Contempt of Court cryptanalysis
Porridge Cryptanalysis (after a British slang word for prison, and a BBC
comedy series)
Scrubs Cryptanalysis
Wormwood Cryptanalysis (after Wormwood Scrubs, a famous London prison).
San Quentin cryptanalysis
Alcatraz cryptanalysis (the famous jail/island in San Francisco)
Changi cryptanalysis (the jail in Singapore)
Cryptanalysis by writ
Ball and chain cryptanalysis
handcuff cryptanalysis
Horsehair, after the ludicrous headgear.

I guess I'll use:

Courthouse Cryptanalysis

which wasn't on the list, and call rubberhose- and courthouse- subsets of
coercive- cryptanalysis,

unless you think YOU know BETTER, EH?

-- Peter 

*I am occasionally known as Fingers McMadbastard. I think this was a

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