The New Yorker in its December 6 issue includes this article:
   The Intelligence Gap
   How the digital age left our spies out in the cold. 
   By Seymour M. Hersh

While much of it resonates as true, the timing -- just before crucial
oversight hearings and concerns about illegal NSA spying -- might be a
little coincidental:,1283,32770,00.html

Last week's CNN article and televised report raised near-identical concerns
about newfound NSA eavesdropping ineffectiveness:

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>Subject: FC: Wayne Madsen replies to New Yorker article on NSA
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>Date: Mon, 29 Nov 1999 23:22:51 EST
>Subject: Re: FC: New Yorker article on how NSA surveillance is ineffective
>Never let it be said that I defend the NSA (for whom I once worked). But 
>there is some truth to what General Hayden has said. There are many old line 
>high-freak radio people at the Agency who can't seem to understand computer 
>and network-oriented digital communications. This includes Barbara McNamara, 
>an old line radio frequency type. Hayden concedes the war on encryption 
>proliferation is yesterday's news. It is most likely the civilians at NSA 
>that are pushing these ridiculous export controls (even the so-called
>controls already leaked to the media show that these old-timers want 
>extraordinary access to foreign business dealings).
>I never spoke for our universal disarmament on signals intelligence 
>operations, but some people who never worked inside Ft Meade are hyping
>about ECHELON and other similar things. These capabilities all exist, but
>AREA 51 types are latching onto the Barr/Burton hearings and may do great 
>harm to their legitimacy. After all, these are the first potentially 
>legitimate hearings on the abuses of NSA/CIA, etc. since the Church, Pike, 
>and Abzug hearings of the 70s.
>Sy Hersh has had extraordinary access to DIRNSA. Hayden is crying out for 
>help against those who pushed for such nonsense as Clipper and other things. 
>I'm not sure he is as bad as the McNamaras, David Aarons, Stew Bakers, and 
>George Tenets, none of whom have any earthly idea about the difficulties in 
>maintaining an intelligence capability without looking like an intrusive 
>fascist-type organization.

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