>The Baltimore Sun has a long article on an abandoned NSA listening 
>spot in the hills of North Carolina. Some radio astronomers wrangled 
>control of it so it won't go to waste.

"Every inch of floor in more than four buildings was covered with 
two-by-two-foot squares of bleak brown carpet. When the astronomers 
tried to replace it, they discovered it was welded with tiny metal 
fibers to the floor. The result, they eventually realized, is that 
the rugs prevent the buildings from conducting static electricity.

Even the regular lighting looks different, covered by sleek metal 
grids that prevent the light bulbs from giving off static 
interference. "

Sounds more like TEMPEST shielding.

Interesting story. Giving this site to astronomers makes so much 
sense that it is amazing that it actually happened.

Arnold Reinhold

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