One of the Tempest FOIA docs NSA released recently 
concerns NONSTOP, a term whose definition is classified
as SECRET. About half of the document, NACSEM 5112, 
"NONSTOP Evaluation  Techniques," has been redacted,
and we'll publish it soon.

>From the clear text, NONSTOP appears to refer to 
protection against compromising emanations of cryptographic 
systems, and maybe in particular radio crypto systems.

Another document refers to NONSTOP testing and protection
being especially needed on vehicles, planes and ships.

We've been unable to retrieve more than a few words from
the redacted portions (by use of xerography to reveal text 
below the overwrites), and would appreciate any leads on 
what NONSTOP means. Joel McNamara has been searching
for NONSTOP info for some time:

We would also like to learn more about covert surveillance
by "resonance" technology. Peter Wright, in Spycatcher,
provides most interesting anecdotes about this. He writes
of remotely "radiating" specially-designed objects in a space 
to pick up signals, and tells of several covert operations
in which MI5 used this method.

Wright also describes the use of supersensitive microphones
to pick up the daily setting of rotors on cryptomachines of the 
time, in particular the Hagelins made by CryptoAG.

This loops back to NONSTOP and the question of what may 
be the signatures and compromising emanations of today's 
cryptosystems which reveal information in ways that go beyond 
known sniffers -- indeed, that known sniffers may divertingly 

Along this line I mention for the nth time that the National Academy
of Science 1996 CRYPTO report, which advocated loosening 
crypto controls, also recommended increased funding for other 
surveillance technologies that have never been identified, although 
Carnivore may be one such, along with keyboard sniffers and who 
knows what else that has been passed to domestic law enforcement 
by the intelligence agencies to crack crypto protection.

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