You're missing the document that specifies f8 and f9, which is the glue 
between 33.102 and the Kasumi spec. Unfortunately I can't get to their 
server at the moment for some reason, so I can't give you it's number, but 
I think it is 33.2xx.

thanks and regards,

At 01:53 PM 1/19/2001 -0500, Janos A. Csirik wrote:
>Dear cryptographers,
>In contrast with GSM, the 3GPP organisation (responsible for 3G
>wireless phone standards) is making all of its documents public.
>However, the way in which these documents are made public is
>unlikely to result in immediate gratification for those who would
>just like to go in and look at the crypto algorithms.
>For that reason, I have undertaken to construct a Web page to
>help cryptographers learn about and study the crypto algorithms
>for 3G wireless phones.  I believe that the algorithms will
>receive much more and better scrutiny if it is easy to find them
>(and other 3G documents that are relevant to them).  This page
>can be found at
>Thank you for your attention!
>Janos A. Csirik.
>Janos A. Csirik, Mathematics & Cryptography, AT&T Labs - Research

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