"R. A. Hettinga" writes:
>At 9:35 AM -0800 2/5/01, Jurgen Botz wrote:
>> Slashdot this morning reported on a ZD-Net article at:
>> 1
>> which states that there are major holes in IEEE 802.11 "WEP" encryption.
>> Does anyone have any more details on this?
>http://www.vmeng.com/mc/debrief00.html, and grep for WEP, although Vinnie
>hasn't gotten the slides from Nikita Borosov yet, it looks like, but I bet
>they'll be there soon, now :-)...

More info on our findings can be found at 

The slides from Mac Crypto (with minor edits) are at the bottom of that
web page; sorry for not sending them in earlier.

- Nikita

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