James A. Donald wrote:
> Attached is a spam mail that constitutes an attack on paypal similar
> in effect and method to man in the middle.
> The bottom line is that https just is not working.  Its broken.
HTTPS works just fine.
The problem is - people are broken.
At the very least, verisign should say "ok so '..go1d..' is a valid server
address, but doesn't it look suspiously similar to this '..gold..' site over
here?" for https://pseudo-gold-site/ - but really, if users are going to
fill in random webforms sent by email, they aren't going to be safe under
any circumstances; the thing could send by unsecured http to any site on the
planet, then redirect to the real gold site for a generic "transaction
completed" or even "failed" screen
A world where a random paypal hack like this one doesn't work is the same as
the world where there is no point sending out a Nigerian as you will never
make a penny on it - and yet, Nigerian is still profitable for the con

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