I'm currently preparing courses about telecommunication security
architectures and protocols of which certificates are a main
building block for authentication and authorisation.

I'm presenting the PKI/PMI-models with X.509 as mainly used 
architecture today and PGP as the distributed model.

I also want to present SDSI/SPKI but as far as I know, work in this
direction seems to have stopped: The IETF WG was closed and some
drafts weren't finished as RFCs. Nevertheless there are interesting
ideas which are worth showing in contrast to X.509.

I still have two open points which I couldn't resolve by searching
and reading:
* Are there other authorisation certificate standards besides 
* What are the main reasons that work on SDSI/SPKI stopped although
  much work was already done? 

Stefan Mink, Schlund+Partner AG (AS 8560)
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