You need a Better Business Bureau's cert,  where the BBB is financially
(This implies it checks in *meatspace* and probably implies competition too.)

we actually included that in suggestion as part of original stuff for setting up electronic commerce and providing comfort to consumers. however it didn't take the form of a certificate .... which is left over from ancient offline world (aka certificates are akin to the little BBB certificates that you get to put in your window ... a comfort issue but doesn't actually address any real cases). even before e-commerce, the real BBB process was that people called up the BBB and got realtime information .... i.e. it was an online, realtime process.

the equiivalent for an online, internet paradigm (as opposed to something left over from the offline email genre of at least 10--15 years earlier) was that the browswer tab;e pf trusted entities were of online authorities (as opposed to certificate manufacturing) and if you cared, you clicked thru to the BBB and got realtime information about the merchant in question (being equivalent to when people call the BBB to actually get some level of real input .... as opposed to just a fuzzy comfort fealing).

lots of past posts about merchant comfort certificates and ancient efforts to suggest requiring a BBB operation for internet merchants:

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