somewhat related to the early posting in this m.l. about distributed computing systems conference and possible interest from security and cryptography sections.

when my wife and I were doing ha/cmp
we were working with two people in the following meeting in ellison's conference room

who the following year, left and joined a small client/server startup and were responsible for something called the commerce server (the company also had this thing called https/SSL). we then worked with these two people on the implementation for payments for the thing called the commerce server and well as the infrastructure regarding
trusting online merchants (as part of promoting this whole thing that came to be called electronic commerce):
and more recent posting in the same thread that I had also posted about buffer overflows and the multics study: A Dark Day

in any case, one of the jokes has been there are actually only 200 people in the industry.

in any case, back to the recent related thread on distributed system operation: A few Z990 Gee-Wiz stats A few Z990 Gee-Wiz stats A few Z990 Gee-Wiz stats A few Z990 Gee-Wiz stats

and past posts discussing the BBB aspects for online electronic commerce: "SSL & SET Query" ... from usenet group U.S. & Ireland use digital signature Public Key Infrastructure: An Artifact... Public Key Infrastructure: An Artifact... SSL certs & baby steps TTPs & AADS (part II) OCSP and LDAP FTC says incidence of ID theft jumped in 2002 SET; was Re: Why trust root CAs ?
Anne & Lynn Wheeler
Internet trivia 20th anv

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