My key, 220BC883330C4A75, has multiple encryption subkeys, and it's
about to get another one on Friday, as my current encryption key

A lot of people are reporting that they cannot encrypt to me, due to
an unusable public key. It only seems to work if they use modern
software and obtain my key from or the
various URLs where it sits.

I am already working with keyserver maintainers to get their
keyservers up to par, but before this can be completed, I feel that
I need to get an exact understanding of what's going on.

Could someone help me clean up this understanding?

- What is the problem with multiple subkeys?

- Are they in accordance with the RFC (2440)?

- Are others experiencing these problems, and how do you deal with

- Is there a solution in the works?

- If not, has anyone already thought about how to solve this mess?

Thanks, and I hope this is appropriate for this list.

Take care,

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keyserver problems?
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