At 02:37 AM 9/9/2003 +1000, Greg Rose wrote:
At 05:18 PM 9/7/2003 -0700, David Honig wrote:
>A copy of the research was sent to GSM authorities in order to correct the
>problem, and the method is being patented so that in future it can be used
>by the law enforcement agencies.

"Laughing my ass off."  Since when do governments care about patents?
How would this help/harm them from exploiting it?   Not that
high-end LEOs haven't already had this capacity ---Biham et al
are only the first *open* researchers to reveal this.

Actually, patenting the method isn't nearly as silly as it sounds. Produced in quantity, a device to break GSM using this attack is not going to cost much more than a cellphone (without subsidies). Patenting the attack prevents the production of the "radio shack (tm) gsm scanner", so that it at least requires serious attackers, not idle retirees or jealous teenagers.

Not if they can type GNURadio into Google.


A foolish Constitutional inconsistency is the hobgoblin of freedom, adored by judges and demagogue statesmen.
- Steve Schear

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