>>Actually, patenting the method isn't nearly as silly as it sounds.
>>Produced in quantity, a device to break GSM using this attack is not going 
>>to cost much more than a cellphone (without subsidies). Patenting the 
>>attack prevents the production of the "radio shack (tm) gsm scanner", so 
>>that it at least requires serious attackers, not idle retirees or jealous 

> Not if they can type GNURadio into Google.

Eric Blossom of GNU Radio visited Europe one month ago.
Some radio enthusiasts in the Netherlands where interested in the
GNU radio project. So I asked Eric if it was ok to make a video for them.

The resulting two video clips are online (in MPG / VCD quality).

GNU-radio_intro.mpg and
GNU-radio _Q_and_A.mpg

A zip containing these two video files can be found on :

http://diorella.boppelans.net/gnu-radio.zip (108 Mb)

Enjoy, and feel free to mirror / distribute them ...

With regards,

Barry Wels.

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