Words by Carsten Kuckuk [Tue, Sep 09, 2003 at 08:29:57PM +0200]:
> The September/October 2003 edition of the German magazine
> "Objektspektrum" contains an article about the development of an ATM
> system to be used in Switzerland. (Alexander Rietsch: "Die
> Neuentwicklung des Raiffeisen-Bankomaten", p.30-34. In passing
> it mentions that they use Windows 2000, an MS Access database for
> resources, MSDE for money transfer data, MSVS remote debugging,
> C++ for speed reasons, COM, IE, and have everything connected via
> TCP/IP networks. Unfortunately the focus of the article is not on
> security, so all the obvious question are unanswered.

Obviously. :) Is there place online we can get this?

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