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JetBlue: Code Red 
An offer by JetBlue Airways to test the CAPPS II internal border control system has 
been accepted by the Department of Homeland Security's Transportation Security 

In a secret, off-the-record meeting held recently at TSA headquarters, TSA chief James 
M. Loy informed an elite audience of conservative opinion-makers that JetBlue Airways 
is replacing Delta Airlines as the "testing platform" for the CAPPS II internal border 
control system.  The meeting was attended by former US Representative Bob Barr as well 
as leaders from several conservative public policy groups. 

JetBlue Airways has shown its true spirit by pushing to be first in line for fascism. 

Rather than being merely the airline with free DirecTV, JetBlue shall henceforth be 
known as the airline with thousands of daily, non-stop trips from Washington, DC into 
the private lives of Americans foolish enough to fly their Orwellian, unpatriotic 

It's time for all patriotic Americans to share with JetBlue a little of that Boycott 
Delta love.  If the JetBlue leadership hadn't been under a rock for the past six 
months, they would be well aware of the pillorying in the media and the countless 
millions of dollars in lost revenue borne by Delta by participating in the first round 
of CAPPS II testing. 

Until JetBlue publicly withdraws from any and all CAPPS II testing and apologizes to 
the American people for their reckless disregard for the US Constitution, a boycott of 
JetBlue Airways is in effect. 


"They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little 
temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." 
- Benjamin Franklin 

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