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Date: Fri, 19 Sep 2003 08:50:44 +0100
Subject: [Enhyper Knowledgebase] News for 19-Sep-2003

IWS - The Information Warfare Site (added: 15-Sep-2003)
Online resource that aims to stimulate debate on a variety
of issues involving information security, information
operations, computer network operations and more. It is the
aim of the site to develop a special emphasis on offensive
and defensive information operations. Since our launch in
December of 1999 IWS has been redesigned and continues to
add key texts. We aim to be an essential research centre for
every group interested in information security and
information operations.

GNU Radio - The GNU Software Radio (added: 18-Sep-2003)
GNU Radio is a collection of software that when combined
with minimal hardware, allows the construction of radios
where the actual waveforms transmitted and received are
defined by software. What this means is that it turns the
digital modulation schemes used in today's high performance
wireless devices into software problems.

Events Circuit (added: 14-Sep-2003)
List of conferences in the Financial Cryptography space.

WebFunds (added: 14-Sep-2003)
Open Source client for the Ricardo payment system.  Written
in Java, includes the SOX protocol.

ERights (added: 14-Sep-2003)
The E project is a language that encapsulates the concept of
capabilities inside the language itself.  The promise is to
make it easy for the programmer to work naturally with
And, not so coincidentally, the project was the inspiration
for the naming of the Rights layer of Financial Cryptography

Ricardian Contracts (added: 14-Sep-2003)
a technologists guide.  Goals & Requirements for both
Ricardian Contracts and any competitors.

SOX (added: 14-Sep-2003)
SOX is a payment protocol that is implemented within
WebFunds as a value manager. It consists of a request model
over an encryption layer. Requests go from client to server,
and replies back from the server to the client.

Lucrative (added: 14-Sep-2003)
Lucrative is an open source digital bearer instrument
system.  Written in Java.

WebFunds Token subproject (added: 14-Sep-2003)
A background project to add token money methods to SOX.
Distinguished from other projects in that the infrastructure
already exists, and the system is algorithm-agnostic.

Lucre (added: 14-Sep-2003)
Crypto package including the code for the "Wagner" blinding
algorithm by David Wagner.  Code in C++ and Java, by Ben
Laurie.  Used in Lucrative

Cryptographic Toolkit for Electronic Cash (added: 14-Sep-2003)
All you ever needed to know about crypto, in two pages.  A
quick summary of the concepts, written for a monetary
economics paper, which allows the outsider to understand the

Using Electronic Markets to Achieve Efficient Task Distribution (added: 14-Sep-2003)
Paper on how to use Internet markets to bring together
project teams and financiers.  1997

Digital Trading (added: 14-Sep-2003)
1997 paper that lays out the evolution of Digital Trading as
an FC application.

Auctions (added: 16-Sep-2003)
One of the best ways to allocate goods and/or resources is
to sell them using free
market techniques and ideas. An auction is an excellent
method of distributing goods to those who value them most
highly. Auctions, however, are far more
complex than most people realize.

Numerically Intensive Java (added: 18-Sep-2003)
Ninja is a collection of Java classes that includes Complex
numbers, truly multidimensional array types, all primitive
Java numeric types, and a BLAS (Basic Linear Algebra Sub-
routine package) that operates on objects of each of the
classes. How does it work? Ninja allows portable programs to
be written without development of their own Array, BLAS, and
Complex packages. The Array class's access functions provide
bounds-checking. The BLAS also checks the consistency of its
arguments. Fortran-like sectioning operations are provided
for the different array classes. These sectioning operations
allow sub-arrays to be defined for an array, where the sub-
arrays are of a type defined by one of the Array classes.


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