Has anyone reviewed Simon Singh's CD version
of "The Code Book" ?


After 12 months of intense development, the interactive
CD-ROM version of The Code Book is now available. I might
be biased, but I think that it is brilliant. Don't be
confused by the ridiculously low price, because this
CD-ROM contains tons of fascinating and dynamic material,
              1. Encryption tools,
              2. Code breaking tools,
              3. Dozens of video clips,
              4. Coded messages to crack,
              5. Material for teachers, e.g., worksheets,
              6. A realistic, virtual Enigma cipher machine,
              7. A beginner's cryptography tutorial,
              8. A history of codes from 1000BC to 2000AD,
              9. Material for junior codebreakers,
            10. Interviews with Whit Diffie and Clifford Cocks, 
            11. Sections on public key crypto & RSA,
            12. An animated section on quantum cryptography.
The CD-ROM is ideal for teenagers, parents who want to
encourage an interest in science and mathematics in their
children, grown-ups interested in the history of cryptography,
amateur codebreakers and anybody who wants to know about
encryption in the Information Age.

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