> We've implemented a small version of SSL that we plan to release as
> open source by year's end.


> We're not looking for official legal advice, just some pointers to
> current online resources of how to go about registering our product in
> the US.

http://www.bxa.doc.gov/Encryption; Google for "crypto export"
turned it up as the third item.  Yes, open source is pretty easy
to export.  (Even for binaries, it's not like the bad old days;
the regulations are pretty realistic now.  For example, there's
really no such thing as "export strength" any more.)

> On a different, but similar legal note,
> what current patent/trademark issues have people run across with the
> algorithms mentioned above?

Well, for the ones you mentioned, RSA and 3DES are unencumberd.
RC4 is a trademark owned by RSA Data Security.  So don't violate their
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