Amir Herzberg wrote:
E-mail (at least from new correspondents) must be signed by an `anti-spam mail certification authority (ASMCA)` - often the ISP of the sender. Recipient's mail client (or server) will reject mail (from new correspondents) not certified by a trustworthy ASMCA.

ok, but is it a 'web of trust' model [pgp] with many decentralized ASMCAs [or whatever they're called], or a 'pay to play' model where an authority [verisign] decides which mail gets the bits or not.

the technology exists, and would work. the problem [as is often the case], comes with the human interface to the technology. i am very skeptical of how much better things would be in a 'pay to play' scenario. we'd just get different kinds of spam without lessening the flow.

- ASMCA's have strong incentive not to approve spam.

if they can make more money by approving it, they will. i wish it were otherwise.


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