>>I don't think you understood my question.  Why is crl.verisign.com 
>>getting overloaded *now.*  What does the expiration of one of their CA 
>>certificates have to do with it?  Once you see that a cert has expired, 
>>there's no need whatsoever to go look at the CRL.  The point of a CRL is 
>>to revoke certificates prior to their expiration.
You are correct I did miss your point in haste. 
I cannot answer that, but I can tell you that disabling the function or
uninstalling NAV that has CRL function, fixes the problem immediately.
And if you watch your firewall as the clients open a file that requests a
virus scan they all try to hit crl.verisign.com. This has been happening
since the 7th when that cert expired.

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