Jani Nurminen wrote:

But what content could the consumer-become-content-provider, the
ordinary person, you or me (let's call this actor the "user"), produce?
What could be interesting and rare for the corporation but found in
abundance from the user? One answer is personal data.

Upon request by some corporation, the user decides to accept the
request. The user creates a DRM-protected file containing the personal
data the user wishes to reveal. When proper DRM technology is being used
(the same technology used to protect e.g. movies), the user can be sure
that the corporation is not able to * use the personal data after the license period (e.g. 2 hours) has
* share the personal data with third party companies without
* do other non-authorized nasty stuff with the personal data

Using the "evil" DRM technology a very "good" (good and evil is
subjective!) purpose can be achieved: the preservation of the user's

Welcome to ACME.com. In order to do business with ACME.com we require
that your personal data be provided without restriction. If you don't like that, no
problem. Feel free to do business with others.

(Don't believe that? Gee, how many websites require javascript, java, activeX?)


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