For those of you who are interested in the coding aspects of crypto, I'd
like to announce that our small footprint SSL/TLS library, MatrixSSL is
available for download at

With a footprint under 50KB, MatrixSSL not only meets device requirements,
it also provides a protocol implementation that is easy to read and
understand.  Some unique benefits for the cryptography community are:

+ Clean, clear implementation makes bugs and security issues easier to spot
and fix
+ Focused, well documented implementation of SSL is a good teaching tool
+ Open Source ensures potential backdoors and security issues can be found
+ Compact implementation of a standard security protocol removes an excuse
for homegrown solutions

I'm interested in your feedback about MatrixSSL.  We are actively working to
make sure this a unique solution that solves some of the issues preventing
adoption of standard security protocols in Internet enabled devices.

J Harper
PeerSec Networks

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