Ian Grigg wrote:

Graeme Burnett wrote:

Hello folks,

I am doing a presentation on the future of security,
which of course includes a component on cryptography.
That will be given at this conference on payments
systems and security: http://www.enhyper.com/paysec/

Would anyone there have any good predictions on how
cryptography is going to unfold in the next few years
or so?  I have my own ideas, but I would love
to see what others see in the crystal ball.

i.  Cryptographers will continue to be pressed
into service as security architects, because it
sounds like the same thing.  Security architects
will continue to do most of their work with
little or no crypto.


I'm afraid I concur - my personal experience of being a security architect for
a major merchant bank was one of meeting regulatory requirement by post development "due
diligence", or as my wife calls it "nagging", making the role effectively that of "grumpy rubber stampers"


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