> Does anyone know of an SSL acceleration card that actually works under
> Linux/*BSD?

I successfully used a Broadcom PCI card on a Linux (don't remember
what Linux and kernel version, this was close to 2 years ago).
If I remember correctly it was the BCM5820 processor I used
(the product sheet mentions support for Linux, Win98, Win2000,
FreeBSD, VxWorks, Solaris).

I was able to use it on a Linux and on a Windows (where I offloaded
modexp operation from MSCAPI crypto provider).

The Linux drivers where available from Broadcom upon request, there was
also a crypto library that called the card via the drivers, but at the time
I looked at it the code wasn't very stable (e.g. I had to debug the RSA
key generation and send patches since it did not work at all, later versions
had the key generation part working properly).
The library might be stable by now.

I also made the Broadcom chip work with OpenCryptoki on a Linux,
I submitted the code for supporting Broadcom in OpenCryptoki.


> [....]
> and certainly
> they don't (gasp) make updated versions available for download. Because
> might... what, steal the driver? Anyway...
> [....]

No, but they might find out how poorly written they are??? Don't know the


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