On Thu, 8 Jul 2004, Anton Stiglic wrote:

>The problem is not really authentication theft, its identity theft, or if
>you want to put it even more precisely, it's "identity theft and
>authenticating as the individual to whom the identity belongs to".  But the
>latte doesn't make for a good buz-word :)

I have always thought that "credential fraud" would make a better
description than "identity theft."  The crime about which we are
concerned, literally, is the use of your credentials by someone
else in the commission of a fraud.

"Theft" would imply to me that he simply walked into the bank (or
wherever) and took the money (or whatever) at gunpoint, directing
them to charge your account; an image I find more than a little
preposterous.  There has to be some kind of fraud or subterfuge
for the proposed crime to even be credible.


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