> attempt to address this area; rather than simple "i agree"/"disagree"
> buttons ... they put little checkmarks at places in scrolled form .... you
> have to at least scroll thru the document and click on one or more
> checkmarks .... before doing the "i agree" button. a digital signature has
> somewhat higher integrity than simple clicking on the "i agree" button ...

See US patent 5,995,625. The abstract:
    A method of unwrapping wrapped digital data that is unusable
    while wrapped, includes obtaining an acceptance phrase from a
    user; deriving a cryptographic key from the acceptance phrase;
    and unwrapping the package of digital data using the derived
    cryptographic key. The acceptance phrase is a phrase entered
    by a user in response to information provided to the user. The
    information and the acceptance phrase can be in any appropriate
    language. The digital data includes, alone or in combination, any
    of: software, a cryptographic key, an identifying certificate,
    an authorizing certificate, a data element or field of an
    identifying or authorizing certificate, a data file representing
    an images, data representing text, numbers, audio, and video.

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