At 11:09 AM 7/23/2004, Matt Crawford wrote:
I can't see any reasonable way to derive your conclusion from the cited article.

   "The surge began on 15 July, the day before the public disclosure
    of a critical flaw in a server module called mod_ssl.

   "The last time Netcraft observed similar activity was in April,
    shortly before a wave of attacks on SSL servers that included the
    compromise of some major e-commerce sites. Attackers used a flaw
    in Microsoft's implementation of SSL to install malicious code..."

i just mentioned that it could possible be (another kind of)
attack/threat model (other than the obvious referenced
in the article).

i wasn't aware that this mailing list would preclude mention
of other possible attack/thread models ....  other than the
obvious ones mentioned.

Anne & Lynn Wheeler

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