At 03:20 AM 7/18/2004, Enzo Michelangeli wrote:
Can someone explain me how the "phishermen" escape identification and
prosecution? Gaining online access to someone's account allows, at most,
to execute wire transfers to other bank accounts: but in these days
anonymous accounts are not exactly easy to get in any country, and anyway
any bank large enough to be part of the SWIFT network would cooperate in
the resolution of obviously criminal cases.

At least until a few years ago, and probably still today, it was easy to get a non-anonymous account in the US using fake ID. The "Know Your Customer" laws and other anti-terrorism fallout may have encouraged banks to check SSNs a bit more carefully, but as long as the person whose identity you're stealing doesn't have horrendously bad or good credit, it's probably still not hard. If it costs you $100 in fake ID to get the account set up, and you can burn the phish for $1000, then you win.

But credit cards are probably more common and certainly easier to use.
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