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Date: Sun, 25 Jul 2004 14:39:14 -0700
From: John Young <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Subject: Feds and Yahoo Muzzle DNC Security Whistleblower

It appears that the Feds and LEA at the DNC Convention
have ordered Yahoo to axe the mail list TSCM-L run by James
Atkinson for his blistering attack on security at the convention.


Jim's reports on the inferior security:



The mail list had nothing to do with these reports, and the
gag appears to be spite against Atkinson for whistleblowing.

However, the mail list purpose is likely to have scared them
more than his insecurity reports:


TSCM-L Technical Security Mailing List

Dedicated to TSCM specialists engaging in expert technical
and analytical research for the detection, nullification, and
isolation of eavesdropping devices, wiretaps, bugging devices,
technical surveillance penetrations, technical surveillance
hazards, and physical security weaknesses. This also includes
bug detection, bug sweep, and wiretap detection services.

Special emphasis is given to detecting and countering
espionage and other threats and activities directed by foreign
intelligence services against the United States Government,
United States corporations, establishments, and citizens.

The list includes technical discussion regarding the design and
construction of SCIF facilities, Black Chambers, and Screen
Rooms. This list is also for discussing DIAM 50-3, NSA-65,
and DCID 1/21, 1/22 compliance.

The primary goal and mission of this list is to "raise the bar"
and increase the level of professionalism present within the
TSCM business.

The secondary goal of this list is and increase the quality and
effectiveness of our efforts so that we give spies and
eavesdroppers no quarter, and to neutralize all of their espionage

This mailing list is moderated by James M. Atkinson and
sponsored by Granite Island Group as a public service to the
TSCM, Counter Intelligence, and technical security community.


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