Damien O'Rourke wrote:


I have some AES code here in C and I am trying to find it's author and
source.  I can't find
it on the Internet so I figure it was taken from a book.  Now I don't want
to send the entire
code to the list for obvious reasons however I was hoping you could help me
from the following
small snippet.  Maybe the use of " _fastcall " might jog someone's memory.
If there is
code that appears similar to this but is not exactly the same I would
appreciate the source
of that also.

void _fastcall encrypt(FILE *Encryption_File, FILE *Encrypted_File, unsigned *expkey) { uchar in[16], out[16]; unsigned state[NumberOfBytes], rnd, i;

while (!feof(Encryption_File))
  uchar k=0;

   *(state+0)= *(in+0)<<24 | *(in+1)<< 16  | *(in+2)<<8  | *(in+3);
   *(state+1)= *(in+4)<<24 | *(in+5)<< 16  | *(in+6)<<8  | *(in+7)  ;
   *(state+2)= *(in+8)<<24 | *(in+9)<< 16  | *(in+10)<<8 | *(in+11)  ;
   *(state+3)= *(in+1)<<24 | *(in+3)<< 16  | *(in+14)<<8 | *(in+15)  ;

I don't know whose code it is but it has bugs in it.

The line above should be:

 *(state+3)= *(in+12)<<24 | *(in+13)<< 16  | *(in+14)<<8 | *(in+15);

I doubt that this is the only problem in this code either.


    Brian Gladman

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