I have again one of these special, strange, freaky questions. 
I'm still investigating some "unusual activities" in 
science and cryptography. 

There are some handwritten notes, they seem 
to be some kind of transcript of slides from a talk 
about cryptography. I need to find out when, where, and by
whom that talk was given. 

These notes already existed in the end of 1997, so the 
talk must have been given 1997 or before. 

The talk is about cryptography and system design theory. 
It is about 'layers', such as physics, electrical engieering, 
boolean functions, boolean circuits, algebra of 
polynomial power series, operating system, automata theory. 
It mentions an "access & authentication description language
for a modified secure unix-pw protocol", and comes to 
the conlusion that "crypto can act as a system science". 

Gus Simmons is mentioned several times, but this might not 
have been part of the talk but a personal annotation of the 
person who made the transcript. 

Does anyone know about such a talk?

(The notes are available at 
http://www.danisch.de/tmp/discussion.pdf )


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